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Ollie revolutionizes the living experience for urban renters with professionally designed, fully-furnished studios and shared suites, lifestyle-relevant services, extraordinary amenity spaces and unique community engagement opportunities: attainably priced luxury.


"And if it's not enough that you can live in these cleverly designed apartments making great use of very little space, the building also comes equipped with a residential amenities program. And it has a name: Ollie".  -Curbed


Our Values



At Ollie, we celebrate our differences, our uniqueness, our individuality. We embrace humanity, in its entirety. We are neighbors, both local and global, made stronger by a bond across race, religion, gender, age, sexuality, ability and socioeconomic status.


We are dreamers. We are doers. We stand in awe of the human spirit, limitless in its thirst for learning and discovery, for exploration and adventure. With each curiosity answered another emerges in its place. Where today’s journey through uncharted territory ends, the launching point of tomorrow’s adventure begins. At Ollie, we ignite imaginations with passionate pursuits of purpose.


At Ollie, we strive for healthy minds, bodies and souls. We invest in positive ideas, promote healthy ingredients and encourage active lifestyles. With it, we garner the confidence to let our inner voice align with our spoken word, and the resolve to act fully consistent with the vision for our best selves.


We are all connected by our environment, consumers of the earth’s abundant but precious fruits. Clean air and clean water is both a right and a responsibility. At Ollie, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint by promoting a life edited, where success is measured not by what we hoard from mother nature but by the condition we leave her, by the richness of our relationships and  shared experiences.

Space Everywhere

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Welcome Home


Offering fully furnished studios and shared suites

Carmel Place


Our smartly designed studios maximize every inch to help create a big life in a small space.


Shared Suites

Our multi-functional shared suites give way for a buoyant lifestyle and a luxurious living experience.

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Home Sweet Home

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Convenience Included

Living made easy.  At Ollie, you’ll enjoy hotel-style conveniences, like hi-speed wifi, cable, and even housekeeping, entirely included in your rent.  Plus, courtesy of your own complimentary Home Manager from Hello Alfred, life at Ollie means coming home to a freshly made bed, crisp linens, a fully stocked fridge, a regularly replenished pantry and unexpected conveniences that make your living experience as seamless as possible.  No more worrying about whether the dry cleaner will be open before your morning commute or if the drug store will be open late enough for you to pick up prescriptions.  We’ve got you covered.


Expand your Living Room


Comfort Included

Thoughtfully designed work spaces, juice bars, pools, gyms, spa areas, roof decks, flex space and lounges.  At Ollie, the comforts of home are brought to life with the energy of a collaborative community.

As an Ollie resident, you will have an all-access pass to the amenity spaces of an expanding network of buildings nationwide.


It's the little things


10 Things to Love



High-Speed Wifi

We get it… you live in the fast lane. You need wifi that can keep up. At Ollie, we provide high speed wifi in every apartment. The best part: it’s entirely on us.


Cable Included

Ollie residents enjoy a complimentary  cable subscription. Plus, all furnished units come with flat screen TVs. Hidden living expenses? That’s one drama you can do without.


Transforming Furniture

Ollie’s fully-furnished units are more than meets the eye, with multi-purpose furniture systems that put the “fun” in “functionality” so you can live big even in a small space


Move-In Ready

No assembly required! We’ve taken great care to install high-end modern furnishings. Plus, tenants enjoy exclusive Ollie Box (curated design packages) discounts delivered to your doorstep.



Looking good is feeling good! That’s why every Ollie unit receives a monthly deep clean, saving you hours of time and ensuring you’ll come home to the sanctuary you deserve.



Hello Alfred

Butlers aren’t just for billionaires. Life at Ollie means a weekly visit from your Hello Alfred home manager. Forget to water your plants, make your bed, wash the dishes, pick up your prescriptions or restock the pantry? We’ve got you covered.


Social Club

Ollie tenants enjoy an all-access pass to a curated calendar of events, members-only hot spots and great perks like complimentary beverages.



At Ollie, you’ll have a standing invite to all of our unique experiences. From day trips, networking events, and social mixers, to guest lectures, volunteer opportunities, and health and wellness experts, Ollie offers something for everyone.



Residents who play together, stay together. That’s why Ollie lets you take advantage of our ever-expanding network of play spaces nationwide - think rooftop pools, workout spaces, cafes, lounges and more.



 All inclusive, hotel-style living at a discount to comparably-located luxury elevator buildings? That’s Ollie. 

It’s what we do.


All Inclusive Living


Friends Included


We get it. Finding the right roommate is everything. That’s why Ollie will offer compatibility-driven roommate matching, in addition to the common basics – criminal background checks and credit checks.   

Research shows that roommates who play together, stay together. So Ollie tenants enjoy an all-access pass to our play spaces – an ever-expanding network of amenities spread throughout multiple Ollie properties.  

 And when the roomie can’t hang? We gotcha covered! At Ollie, you’ll have a standing invite to any and all of our curated events, where kindred spirits surely await. From day trips, networking events, and social mixers, to guest lectures, volunteer opportunities, and health and wellness experts, Ollie offers something for everyone.


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.
— John Muir

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Partner with us

Ollie partners with landowners, developers, institutional investors, employers and vendors to deliver the full Ollie experience. 



Ollie partners with landowners, developers, institutional investors, 

employers and vendors to deliver the full Ollie experience. 


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