10 Ways to bring in the (Jewish) New Year


1. Connection. Write or reach out to a friend that you have not spoken to in a while. 
2. Action. Take inventory of all the things you wanted to accomplish this year and take one action step towards completion. 
3. Purge. Donate old clothes that you no longer wear to a shelter or friend. 
4. Balance. Think of one healthy habit you can try for the upcoming year like juicing, reading or exercising. 
5. Adventure. Add one fun thing into your routine for the next month like a dance class, a comedy show or karaoke night.
6. Cleanse. Think of something you feel bad about and take an action step towards making it right. 
7. Charity. Create a random act of kindness no matter how simple and small. 
8. Planting Seeds. Make a list of your dreams and pin them up in a place that you frequent most in your home. 
9. Introspection. Be more, do less. Carve out more time for mediation and just being. 
10. Harvest. Take a moment to acknowledge yourself for all your accomplishments, no matter how big or small.