Observations: field + supply

Our Director of Design, Jacqueline Schmidt, shares her experience attending field + supply's "Modern Makers Craft Fair" at the Hasbrouck House in Stone Ridge, NY last weekend: 


Aching to get out of the city in search of fresh inspiration, a friend and I submitted to the allure of the beautiful autumn foliage and cozy fire pit that awaited us just two hours north of the city.  

We rolled through an apple orchard, parked and boarded the yellow school bus excited for the craft-inspired serenity awaiting us at Hasbrouck House. The scene was idyllic: lovely white tents were strewn across the lawn, filled with envious collections of artfully crafted, hand-made furniture, textiles, jewelry and pottery - each object more beautiful than the next. The event was seamlessly curated, with the vibrant fall landscape serving as the perfect backdrop to the beautiful products on display.

Filled with inspiration, we popped ourselves in front of the fire pit for both warmth and reflection. What struck me the most was how each object was touched by hand, had a special character and was well-made. My experience reminded me of the importance of being connected to the things we bring into our home - how something handmade really does take a life of its own, providing an innate sense of intimacy that connects you to its maker and history, giving it more of an heirloom quality than the inanimate objects we tend to collect. 

As I returned to the yellow bus to begin the journey home, I inhaled the crisp autumn air and smiled - the awe-inspiring craftsmanship had provided the breath of fresh air I had come seeking. 

The Upstate Table |  Cake

The Upstate Table | Cake

Christopher Kurtz |  Wooden Sculpture

Christopher Kurtz | Wooden Sculpture

Richard Watson |   Highboy

Richard Watson | Highboy

Worsted |  Wall Lamp

Worsted | Wall Lamp

Lake & Skye |  Rose Floral Water

Lake & Skye | Rose Floral Water


There's no time like the present; pack a day bag, head north and explore the fall foliage, take in the crisp fresh air, support a local farmer's market, and take some time to reflect in the great outdoors.

- JS