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October 23 - November 22


Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Deep, mysterious, intense, observant, calculated, insightful, seductive, private and talented, Scorpios take mental pictures and inventories of their experiences and surroundings. With a long memory and an old soul, those born under this sign hold many secrets. Protective of themselves, Scorpios prefer to watch from the sidelines. Scorpios are individuals who see themselves and their circumstances through a lens of their own creation, shifting through truths that they see as synthetic. Constantly probing the limits of convention, Scorpios seek the edges where meaning becomes malleable. Scorpios can be very courageous and loyal to their friends and family. They remain composed under the most difficult of circumstances and will rise to any occasion to defend friends in need. Scorpios can be powerful and strong and therefore have to be wary not to take advantage of others’ weaknesses. Scorpios are the sign of transformation and have the potential to reach great spirituality.

The month of Scorpio is a great opportunity to explore and discover something new. Scorpios love uncovering new truths. Take a trip to a museum, watch a new film, read a new book, and make a new friend.