Storm King


The changing of the seasons instills a sense of urgency to appreciate the moment and take advantage of the natural wonders around you. It was with this call to action that my friends and I took to the open road one Sunday earlier this month; sneaking out in the morning calm while the rest of the city was lazily rousing.

Unfamiliar trees and tranquil landscapes replaced mundane buildings as the serenity of our new scenery began to take hold. Light and unencumbered, we settled into our journey and allowed the simple enjoyment of one another’s company to supplant the feeling of urgency that had driven us out of the city. We happily took our time getting to Storm King.

Once arrived, we were instantly rewarded for our journey. The fresh air, wide open space and infinite sky reminded us of the enormity of nature - a quality that is often dwarfed by the gigantic maze of buildings in the city.   

Storm King’s first sculptures greeted us from behind rolling hills and gently waving trees. While many of them are as tall as the skyscrapers we ignore every day, these pieces of art command your attention and hold it, allowing you to interact with and experience them as complete objects. We were struck how these site-specific pieces simultaneously enhance and interact with the natural environment.

As the now familiar scenery of trees was replaced with the dramatic city skyline on the ride home,  I realized I had a newfound appreciation and fascination for my routine scenery. The buildings I pass everyday had assumed a renewed character and prominence, reminiscent of the sculptures we visited. 


Embrace the changing seasons and revel in new environments, before they too transform into something new.