Arlo NoMad

Earlier in the month, I had the amazing opportunity to stay in the Arlo Hotel NoMad, one of New York City’s newest boutique hotels. Located on a quiet strip of 31st St, the second NYC hotel from the Arlo Hotel Group utilizes smart design and space management to create a functional and appealing home away from home.   

Upon arrival, I was greeted by two giant glass doors and friendly staff that made me feel welcomed the second I stepped foot in the main lobby. The ceilings were high, making the smaller square footage seem much vaster than it actually was - a feature that was heightened by the large staircase spiraling to a second communal floor.

It’s unavoidable mentioning that the rooms are on the smaller side, but what’s important is that through creative design and space management solutions, it had everything I needed. Floor to ceiling windows and amazing views of Manhattan really do make the space feel like an escape from the streets below. With a sleek bathroom area with a spacious shower, modern appliances and finishes, and a sliding door to utilize space; the room was small, but for one or two people was more than adequate for my stay.

What the lobby floor and rooms lack in space, the second floor more than makes up for it with a vast communal areas. The site’s impressive “Library” space serves as a multi-use common area that is a beautifully designed co-working space during the day, and an inviting evening lounge complete with board games and cocktail service from the adjacent second-floor bar, BARlo.

There is a fluidity to the space that makes you feel like the communal areas are an extension to your room and your overall stay.

By focusing on smart design and awesome communal spaces, the Arlo NoMad suggest more fun can be had when the experience is more inclusive and shared.