Fall Equinox


As the dog days of summer come to an end

we are welcoming the arrival of autumn with some home decorating tips to celebrate the season in all its glory. 


1.  Add soft, natural touches to your decor with the help of plants: Bring the tranquility of the outdoors inside - using eucalyptus, spruce, ferns, pines or low light plants in your decorating will help create a natural motif and fill your space with the aromas of the season.

Case Study Desktop Planter:  $89   //  Image from  Moderinca's Instagram

Case Study Desktop Planter: $89  //  Image from Moderinca's Instagram


2. Create a relaxed, serene space through candles and vitrines: As the days get shorter and colder,  illuminate your home with the warm, soft lighting of fragrant, autumn-inspired candles and the classic touch of elegant vitrines - the perfect romantic escape from cold fall nights. 

Bellocq Atelier Candles - Brass:  $86

Bellocq Atelier Candles - Brass: $86


3. Time to pull out the throws! Invest in a beautiful woolen mohair, tartan or fall colored blanket  to drape over your couch - it'll create the perfect autumnal accent and invite guests to snuggle up and get cozy. 

Faribault Hatchet Plaid Wool Throw:  $140

Faribault Hatchet Plaid Wool Throw: $140


4. Purchase three "must reads" for your bedside table: Sink into the sanctuary of your bedroom this season with the help of a good book. 

Image from  Pixel & Pilcrow

Image from Pixel & Pilcrow


5. Adorn your walls with words that speak to you: Invest in a new inspirational art print with a powerful phrase and frame it.


We hope these tips help you ease the transition, and embrace the beauty of Fall.
-The  Ollie Team