September 23 - October 22

Ruled by Venus, Libra is a Cardinal air sign. As a symbol of love and relationships, Librans attract others with their exquisite beauty and charm. Taken by all things delightful, those born under this sign of Libra often fall in love at first sight. Drawn towards aesthetic beauty, Librans have a refined appreciation for arts and culture. Quick to debate for the sake of banter, Librans can broach many topics and adapt like a chameleon to a myriad of situations. Family is very important to them as well as making others laugh. Witty, clever, sensitive, flexible, courteous, gracious, playful and doting, Librans are adored. Weighing each decision and both sides of any argument, Librans have an incredible aptitude towards balancing the relationships in their lives. 

If you are  a Libra, this is a great month to indulge in pampering yourself with extra beauty trips to the salon, massages and yoga classes and going to more arts and cultural events like dance, music or museums. It is also an important time for play, discover and spending time with friends.